Fw Golf House

Winter League

The Golf House Simulator Leagues are perfect for keeping your competitive edge throughout the fall/winter.
Come see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest!

Limited spots available!


  • 2-person teams will use their combined net scores playing against the field in a point scoring format.
  • Points will be given based on a stack rank of where each team finishes each week vs. the field (i.e. if there are 100 teams in the field and you have the lowest team score you will receive 100 points, 2nd lowest score will receive 99 points, etc...).
  • Total possible points each week is equal to the number of teams participating.
  • Rankings based on total points
  • Head to Head bracket format, single elimination for the playoff format
  • Handicap - 70% of USGA handicap will be used for Week 1


  • Men & Women Ages 18 and Up
  • Any skill level


  • Entry Fee: $125 per team
  • Weekly Green Fees: $25 per player (Open Floor Bay)
  • Weekly Green Fees: $30 per player (Private Room Bay)
  • Skins: $5 Net & $5 Gross (Optional)

Winter League Schedule:

  • Weeks of January 8th - March 31st (includes playoffs)
  • 8 weeks of regular season
    Can play anytime of the week (must schedule tee time)
  • Standing tee times are available
  • 4 weeks of playoffs


  • Cash Prizes