Fw Golf House

Fall League

The Golf House Simulator Leagues are perfect for keeping your competitive edge throughout the fall/winter.
Come see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest!

Limited spots available!


  • 2-person teams will use their combined net scores playing in a team match play format.
  • 2 Points will be given to the winning team each week. 1 extra pt per player for hitting handicap.
  • Total of 4 possible points per week
  • Rankings based on total points
  • Head to Head bracket format, single elimination for the playoff format
  • Handicap - 70% of USGA handicap will be used for Week 1



Men & Women Ages 18 and Up
Any skill level



Entry Fee: $110 per team
Green Fees: $25 per player (Open Floor Bay)

Green Fees: $30 per player (Private Room Bay)
Skins: $5 Net & $5 Gross (Optional)



Fall League

Week of Oct. 16 - Dec. 17 (includes playoffs)

Runs 9 weeks total
Can play anytime of the week (must schedule tee time)

- Standing tee times are available



Cash Prizes



Alec Ramsey
[email protected]

260-444-2788 ext 106