Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

    TPI seeks to educate golf industry professionals and the playing public on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing. TPI can use assessments of golfers swings to create a unique plan to achieve an efficient swing.

    Physical therapists certified through the Titleist Performance Institute complete the golf performance evaluations and work with Parkview Sports Medicine performance training to design a program specifically for you.

      Whether you're returning to the course following injury or taking a proactive approach to injury prevention, golf performance training can help. Certified through the Titleist Performance Institute, our skilled team focuses on conditioning, core strengthening and the biomechanics of your unique swing. We tailor our program to your individual needs through:

    • Analysis- We use a golf movement screening to identify areas of muscle weakness and poor mechanics.
    • Education- We introduce proper mechanics and explore ways to improve your overall strength, flexibility and golf swing.
    • Exercise- We provide you with golf-specific stretching and training exercises to maximize your range of motion while decreasing stress that can injure your spine, muscles and joints.

     To make an appointment call 260.266.4007 opt. 7 

    Workout Programs

    1. Par - $150

    • 1 TPI Assessment
    • Take home program
    • Reassessment- $100

    2. Birdie - $200

    • 1 TPI Assessment
    • Access to PSM Gym
    • Gym Hours: 7AM - 5PM
    • 8 week program
    • Reassessment - $50

    3. Eagle - $750

    • 1 TPI Assessment
    • 1 on 1 Fitness Workout
      • 2 times per week
    • 8 week program
    • Reassessment - FREE

    The Golf Movement Screening


     The Golf Movement screening is the foundation of proper golf fitness. The screening measures your movements and shows how they relate to the overall function of your golf swing. It pinpoints any physical limitations you may have, and it helps determine whether the limitations are in your lower body, torso, shoulders, arms, or wrists. the screening also shows the cause of the limitations, which could result from a lack of:

    - Strength, Speed, Stability, Mobility or flexibility, poor movement patterns

    Based on your results, our physical therapists can create a personalized training program that can help:

    - Change and advance your golf game

    - Improve stability and mobility in your golf swing

    - Enhance your understanding of your mechanics and tendencies

    - Increase your awareness of your body's strengths and limitations

    - Prevent injuries